Heating Radiator

Radiator repairs and installation services are available from us when radiator problems occur.
Radiators are an essential part of any central heating system and provide thermostat-controlled heat to every room and area of a home.

Radiator repairs fix problems including limited output of heat, the effects of which are often felt most during spring, autumn and the winter months.

To avoid discomfort and potentially fatal living conditions for the infirm, elderly or those physically disadvantaged, our radiator repair services are affordable and perfectly compliment our power flushing services.

Our registered radiator repair specialists can carry out regular radiator and central heating servicing on existing systems or install radiators as part of a new room installation.

Bathroom RemodilingCommon Radiator Repair Problems – Leaks & Blockages

When radiator repair problems occur, replacing radiators due to leaks or other issues can be the most expensive option. Often, a full radiator service will uncover problems that can be resolved with replacing specific parts.

On older radiators or central heating systems, oxide sludge or limescale can build up, blocking hot water flow and limiting heat dispersal. When this happens, an internal clean (commonly known as a power flush) is suggested.