Gas Leak Detector and Repair

Gas leak repair are really important!

Gas can be extremely dangerous. Exposure to large amounts of natural gas can cause serious health problems or even death. Natural gas is also extremely flammable, so a leak can lead to a fire if exposed to an open flame. Besides the safety concerns, gas leaks also cause your gas bill to skyrocket. For these reasons, it is extremely important to address a gas leak problem as soon as you suspect something.

What to do with a gas leake repair?

GAS LEAKS CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS! If you smell gas, it is a good idea to exit the property and contact the proper authorities or professionals that are D.O.T. certified, like Gerard Plumbing and Heating. If you are comfortable and able to safely shut off the gas shut off valve, do so. The gas main tap is normally beside the gas meter. It is very important for your safety to address a gas leak right away.

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